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Our experience working with this company has been nothing short of exceptional. Their strategic tax planning expertise helped us claim the employee retention credit, resulting in significant savings for our business.

Bryan Voltaggio

CEO, Thatcher & Rye

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“My business had the pleasure of using Strategic Tax Planning to handle our Employee Retention Credit filing. They were extremely thorough and professional. Our point of contact, Jasmine Pratt was responsive and led us through the process. I highly recommend the firm.” - Saul McCormick


We had an amazing experience working with Stefanie at Strategic Tax. We have two small companies that had ERTC set up with our payroll company, but with all of the changes in the program over time, our payroll company didn't maximize all of our potential refunds. Enter Strategic Tax.We received funds we didn't even realize we were entitled to which helped us continue operating and pay down debts accrued during COVID. The team was patient, yet persistent, as they navigated the system with knowledge and ease.Highly recommend working with them.

Joe Ostrosky

Highly recommended. Strategic Tax Planning helped me through the ERC process and I was able to get a significant tax credit. They were actually recommended to me by my own accountant. Scott Rohrer and the rest of the employees that helped in the process were very much on top of things and extremely helpful. Fee was reasonable. Definitely a good experience.

Mazen Chehab

The most helpful experience possible!  The staff was incredible and very communicative. They made this long process seem easy and their follow through has been brilliant.

Mara Shelton

Very easy to work with. They got my company over 150k. I highly recommend them. At least call them. They take care of everything. We really didn't have to do anything. Thanks STP!!!!

Keith Dickerson

“Strategic Tax Planning assisted us with filing our Employee Retention Tax Credit. With their help, we were able to file for additional funds that would have been left on the table. They took the time to make sure I was comfortable with the process and calculations. They were true partners in this process and would highly recommend their services.” - Cathy Hanna


I was skeptical that our small, nonprofit organization would be eligible for an employee tax credit, but Stefanie Ercolino and the crew at Strategic Tax Planning encouraged me to try - all at their expense. After conducting a thorough review of our personnel records for the relevant years, Stefanie determined that we are eligible to receive over an $100,000 refund!! Thank you for persevering, Stefanie and all!

Jill Fieldstein

I am having a very satisfying experience with strategic tax planning. All of the staff is competent polite and does what they say they're going To Do.You would be well advised to use them for any.Tax issue

George Wilson

“We applied for our ERC with Ms. Stefanie Ercolano from Strategic tax planning in February 2023. The process was really smooth and quick and their team was really responsive and helpful throughout the way. We are set to receive our refunds soon! I definetly recommend this firm. For reference we are a construction company located in Seattle, WA.” - Fiona Hope


“All the staff was very helpful , efficient, always quick to respond especially Stefanie Ercolano and Lilli Steinberg went above and beyond to help me in this process which I had many challenges as I changed Accountants and Payroll companies 2019, 2020” - Beauty Swe


“Absolutely impressed by how efficient and reliable their team is! Always responding to every email, taking time to explain, check and verify. Business owners on our street got multiple refunds, including us! Thank you!” - Asta Venclovaite


“Strategic Tax Planning was great to work with in navigating the ERC refund process.  They were very clear what documents were needed and made it easy to upload them to their system.   They gave us a quote on both what our costs would be and what we could expect in refunds.  We filed on December 15, 2022.  We received our refunds from the IRS the first week of June 2023. I would recommend them to anyone considering filing.” - Alice Webber


Working with Brad and team has been pretty seamless.  They are very knowledgeable regarding the ERTC and we were glad to recieve our refund for both store locations.

Bill Johnson

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